About Real Fine Custom Lures

Chad Danielson 

          Real Fine Custom Lures came about and was started in 2018 when Owner / President Chad Danielson began largemouth bass fishing from his kayak and found how much he enjoyed not only fishing from his kayak, but also got extremely interested and involved in kayak tournament fishing. He decided to start making his own soft plastic worms for his fishing, in an attempt to develop possibly a more durable plastic worm, and have the ability to produce any color he wished to throw at the fish. After using his own made plastic worms for the entire 2018 season ("Tournament Tested , Tournament Proven") and realizing that they effectively caught bass just as well as the big brand names it was decided to make these plastic lures available to the public and start the small business venture. In addition to simply catching bass, due to the Real Fine Custom Lure manufacturing beliefs these plastic lures should significantly increase "catch per lure" numbers. The increased catch per lure rates are a result of the quest for durability in the manufacturing process.  Our goal isn't to be the cheapest value, and isn't to be the most expensive, but is to be somewhere in the middle of the market price wise, but in the top of the market in Quality and Commitment to Customer Satisfaction.